Route 66

In search of US Route 66, “The Mother Road”.  Once it was the most famous road in the U.S. and the major route for vacationers heading west to Los Angeles.  Now few sections remain having been replaced by Interstate 40.  It is better known to the current generation as the location of Radiator Springs, the fictitious town where Lightning McQueen, the Disney-Pixar automobile star of the movie Cars ends up.

Left the Grand Canyon. Not many east-west options out of Williams, Arizona. Searched for old route US-66 to get my kicks. But, unfortunately couldn’t find it except for a small section out of town. One website said it goes for 20 miles but, it was more like 2.   Had to bicycle on Interstate 40.  Bicycles are allowed on the interstates in New Mexico, Arizona and California because there are few east-west routes, but who would want to. Got two flats from the small pieces of tire retread belt wires which are all over the breakdown/bicycle lane from the trucks.

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